The Influence of Global Trade Wars on the Economy

The countries opt to preserve their newly developing sectors from the negative effects of import for a certain amount of time. Therefore, they usually utilize precautions that are defined as “protectionism” in trade. However, protectionism has gottena new figure in our days and no longer a concept used in the old times. It is now mostly used as an element of war. The customs tariffs competition between the world’s two biggest economies weakens the global economic activity. Even though it mostly happens between the USA and China, the gradually increasing threat of protectionism holds its own amongst the factors that influence economic developments. This situation which brings along a decrease in the growth forecasts is making it hard for the central banks in terms of foresight and expectations for inflation that is shaped with supply-demand balance along with investment, production and employment. It is extremely important that the effects of trade wars on the economy are taken into account and that proactive measures are taken against those.


How Digitalization Design the Industry

Digitalization simply means the transformation of any piece of information from an analogue format to a digital one. And the reason why this concept is extremely crucial to the business world is that it renders businesses faster, more practical and more fruitful. The artificial intelligence arising with digitalization influences many sectors including health, finance, transportation and manufacturing, and it provides certain benefits by means of offering solutions to possible issues in those sectors. For example, we come across the robotic process automation that prevents loss of labor in the sectors as a quite efficient, fast and cost- efficient method in terms of reading, understanding and taking the transaction to the next step by using artificial intelligence.


Effects of Climate Change on Tourism Destinations

Climate change has an impact on many sectors And tourism, using the environment as resources, is bound to be affected by this process. Tourism is or will be influenced positively and negatively by this process. Climate change should not be considered as an event that will happen in the future in the researches. Because the effects of climate change is already felt in the tourism sector. Climate change has different effects on the types of tourism such as mass tourism, winter tourism, yacht tourism, golf tourism…etc. and these effects is important in terms of considering new tourism destinations.


Influence of Climate Change on Urbanization

The changing process that is happening with the climate change is affecting all social, economic, environmental and corporate systems from a global scale to an urban scale. Determination of the coping extent of the systems in relation with each other in the cities with the effects of the climate change as well as their adaptation capacities is highly crucial in terms of them continuing to exist today and in the future.


What’s New in the Supply Chain

The supply chain and logistic services are speed-oriented. Supply chain and logistics are renewed, digitalized with the acceleration of the technology and the ventures coming up with radical solutions.


Sustainable, Safe and Cost Efficient Energy Transformation

Energy is one of the most critical factors of the manufacturing and communication processes of modern personal life. Three main needs arise as energy consumption is rapidly increasing on a global level: Ensuring security of supply so that consumers can uninterruptedly access the needed amount of energy(Sustainability).


What’s Beyond Digitalization in the Financial World?

In our days, the incredibly rapid development of the communication and informatics technologies have spread to all the layers and all the spots of our economic and social lives that we call “digitalization”. Digital transformation has been recently providing many opportunities to the world of finance.


The Future of the Mobility Ecosystem

The market trends in our days and the rapidly changing economic factors divert the consumers and the businesses to a more mobile work with each passing day. The number of employees that frequently travel; that work from home; and that rarely goes to the office has exceeded one billion and is still increasing.


Role of the Media as the New World is Being Designed

The processes that are influenced and led by the bigger progresses in technology and communication are attempted to be explained with the concept of globalization. The types of the media that are developed in the new world order and that take their places in our lives with the communication technologies (Internet, GSM systems, digital publishing) and the new communication platforms have caused social, cultural, political and economic changes throughout the world.

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Birleşmiş Milletler Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Hedefleri İş Dünyasını Nasıl Dönüştürüyor

All technologic developments move toward the point of customization of healthy lifestyle and health applications. It is now possible to carry out and monitor many tests that will be done at the hospitals with smart devices. Many important innovations in the field of patient care have so far made way to biotechnological treatments.

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How the United Nations Sustainable Development Aims Transform the Business World?

In September of the year 2015, the United Nations Genera Assembly acknowledged the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a roadmap to be completed by the year 2030 with the purpose of elimination of poverty, protecting our planet, and combatting inequality and injustice.