Our Vision

It is to become one of the world economy’s most prestigious civil debate platforms that ensures efficient coordination between countries, sectors and institutions; that designs the actions for the continuity of development by foreseeing the changes; and that is a leader with its strong lobbying activities in an environment where vulnerability is increased in the world economy and the speed of change makes it harder to create foresight.

Our Mission

It is to make solid attempts at determining new investment opportunities and to create a strong foundation for introducing them in the international arena; and to trigger new trade operations to a significant extent by going beyond being an efficient communication platform between global business world shareholders, and to ensure that the relationships between the shareholders get stronger and are carried on to the future.

Goals of the Istanbul Economy Summit;

The 3rd Istanbul Economy Summit will take place in the Çirağan Palace on Thursday, December 5 with the theme: Are We Ready for the New World Order?

The President, ministers, government officials, bureaucrats, ambassadors of the countries that make investments in Turkey and the foreign companies that make investments in Turkey, businessmen and businesswomen who have strong business networks, the senior executives of innovative companies, young entrepreneurs, bosses and CEOS of small-medium and big scale companies, NGOS and representatives of Technoparks will be invited to the summit as participants and speakers.

The goal of the Istanbul Economy Summit covers a wide range including; being a platform where those leading the world economy debate the new world order and the opportunities brought on by it, helping the participant businesses implement joint projects in different countries, laying the foundation for company merges in the new world order, and the changing economic and technological climate, ensuring that the participant businesses make contracts for goods of at least 5 billion Turkish Liras and for service trade, laying the foundation for the foreign-capital companies to make investments in our country, being a determiner for the topics discussed on communication platforms regarding world economy throughout the summit, determining the new technologies that would potentially influence global economic activities directly and creating roadmaps for their efficient use, creating a concentration of global targets that cover the economic issues that our world is facing, conveying the recommendations produced in this debate platform by the local and foreign participants’ from the business world to policymakers and lobbying efficiently in a result-oriented manner, also, placing the world on a more sustainable orbit, setting mutual standards and achievable goals to get back on our feet following a possible crisis, orientation with climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice, decreasing poverty, productive employment, strengthening social gender equality and women, managing the risks to ensure progress and support countries on the path to sustainable development, increasing comprehensive growth, durability, access to sustainable energy, sustainable management of terrestrial ecosystems, and augmenting wealth and wellbeing.